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At Universal Real Estate we know how important it is to fully prepare before you move to Spain. We have done it ourselves so we can support our clients based on our experiences.

We thought it would be helpful to share the process before starting your property hunt – helping to answer ‘why should we choose Spain’ and helping you to clearly decide and define what it is you want out of your move.

Could you make 2019 the year you move?

Property ownership doesn’t come under the EU: so whatever happens with Brexit you can easily own your own home in Spain. That is the first point, most people want to enjoy the 1,500 hours of sunshine that the UK averages per year for the 3,000 hours that the Costa del Sol can offer nearly 365 days per year. Let’s link of the other plus points – you can enjoy the lower living costs, great weather in which you can play golf, swim in the sea or pool or just sit outside to enjoy your favourite pastime all year round, the roads are emptier and less congested, there is an excellent health service that you are able to access. Many of us enjoy the family-oriented lifestyle Spain offers and of course the food and the wine and the friendly people make it a special place to have a Spanish apartment, villa or townhouse.

Here are some of the reasons why Universal Real Estate suggest you should make this the year you make the move to Spain:

1. The climate

As Spain is more southern it has the benefit of being able to enjoy twice as much sunshine as the UK, but it’s spread throughout the year much better. So even when we are in the depths of winter Spain has two hours more daylight in the evenings. The positive effects on your physical and mental health are difficult to calculate, but it certainly allows for a round of golf after lunch or a walk along the sandy beach.

2. Outdoor living

There are more reasons than just because of the weather that people spend more of their time outdoors in Spain. Many of us would hurry home after work to sit and watch TV and door chores, the evenings in Spain are the time to see and be seen! The pace is a leisurely evening stroll, with a drink and a tapa, maybe do a little shopping, a chat with the neighbours and a chance for the kids to run around in the warm, fresh air.
TIP – Decide what kind of property you’re looking at buying in Spain. Period or modern or a reform project?

3. Cost of living

Many people think that the UK is an expensive place to live, but in global terms, excluding property prices, the UK compares quite fairly. Countries including France, Italy, Australia and the USA are all more expensive places to live than the UK. Please note – not Spain! In Spain your pension can go much further and taking your holidays here can be much cheaper. Reports have shown that prices can be considerably less than those in Britain by around 30% in restaurants and 16% on your grocery shop in the supermarket.
TIP – Contact with an English speaking solicitor as soon as you decide to proceed with a move to Spain – they’ll help you avoid any of the legal pitfalls of buying abroad. Universal Real Estate will happily facilitate this for you if needed as we deal with one of the best legal teams on the coast.

4. Regular year long flights

For many sunshine destinations Greece virtually shuts down for the winter, flights to Spain continue to be affordable from many UK airports. So family and friends can come and visit all year long and also take advantage of the lovely Spanish weather and food.

5. Beginning the journey of buying in Spain

If you are seriously considering the move out to this beautiful country, the sooner you get started, the better. But even before you begin to explore properties, you need to be clear and be able to define what you want. Often, we have various ideas in our heads, but setting them out helps to really prioritise your search requirements. Why not have a look at some of the main reasons people often give for making the move to Spain to help you?

  • My pension will give me a better life in Spain than the UK – I can get more for my money
  • I want to enjoy sunnier, warmer weather for most of the year. As I write this it is December and 20 degrees!
  • I want somewhere that my family and friends can come and easily visit and enjoy with me (You will become even more popular when you make the move)
  • I want to invest in property that could give me a good return on my investment by renting out when I am not there
  • I would be sad to look back in years to come and say…I wish I had done that.

Thinking carefully what you plan to do with your Spanish home

Making this plan will really help you to understand what you need when looking for a home. Be realistic, we all like the idea of nipping down for a weekend, but if it is unlikely to happen because of work or other commitments, do not discard a property you love because it’s a little further from an airport. Equally, if you’re looking to rent your place out, make sure you’re looking the popular holiday resorts with lots of interest, rather than at specifically what you would be looking for yourself in a home.

6. What is your budget?

There will be different ways to raise more money (or you can buy with family) if you need to. However, in general, you still need to have a strong idea of your budget from the start to help to focus your property search. Most websites will give you the price in Sterling and Euro to help with your search. It is important to note that you will not get the interbank rate (what you see on the news). It’ll normally be a percentage point above or below that. Do also budget for around 10% buying costs on top of the purchase price of the property. We have a preferential rate with Moneycorp exchange experts that will secure the best rates available for your deposit and final payments without bank transfer fees.
Universal Real Estate can you give you more detailed information of all of the fees involved when purchasing a property. Our visit of Legal Services page on the web site.

7. What are the most important must haves for your property?

Now it is time for you to start search and for the fun bit! Decide what your plus points are for your dream home. Do you want a period property in a typically Spanish pueblo, a modern villa right on the coast, a newly developed turn-key apartment with low maintenance, or maybe a townhouse that is a reform project?

8. What are the biggest must note haves for a property?

Just as importantly, make sure to decide and agree what you definitely don’t want as part of your new home. Things to consider could include – Would having a private swimming pool be too much maintenance and cost? Would you rather an apartment than a house? Open-plan instead of separate rooms? What floor would you like to not be on in an apartment block? Do you want hussle and bussle or quite areas?

So do you think you are now ready to start buying in Spain?

For more information about buying in Spain, keep reading our blogs and newsletters. If you are thinking of buying soon, visit our website at www.universalrealestate.es put the kettle on and browse over 3500 properties on the Costa del Sol.

If you have any further questions, please do not hesitate to contact Jon or Nina on +34 602 646 631 or Contact Us

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