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According to reports, the new developments at Estepona hospital would not only boost local healthcare but will also include a new green zone.


The Town Hall has announced the creation of a 25,000-square-meter green zone. The project will offer locations for residents and visitors to engage in sporting activities as well as strolling paths.

New developments Estepona

The new zone will be divided into three levels, each of which will be designed around the local geography, with the first level serving as the hospital’s entrance. This will include five separate entrance points as well as concrete pedestrian routes. The second and third levels will be more grassland, with native plants and trees populating them. The introduction of slides to be incorporated into the design is quite ambitious, as it will allow users to easily connect to the various areas.


This is a significant benefit for Estepona and represents a financial commitment of more than 500,000 Euros. The completion date has yet to be determined, but it’ll be great to watch the new developments in Estepona take shape and add to the area’s already burgeoning popularity.

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