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Why use a Property Finder?


Advantages of using a Personal Property Finder are:


  • Peace of mind – Your PPF is in effect like an independent broker , with no agenda accept to find the perfect property for you . Your PPF will offer sound, impartial advice, no sales pitch and will only deal with legal properties and reputable agents.
  • Save time – Your PPF will look through thousands of properties, eliminate inaccurate and non-existent listings and present only those that they know are right for you.
  • Save energy – Eliminate the time you waste answering the same questions with endless agencies only to be offered the same properties over and over again.
  • One point of contact – your search is dealt with by a dedicated PPL who understands your requirements.
  • Complimentary service – The service costs you nothing at all and there are no strings attached.
  • After-sale service – Once your sale has completed, your PPF is still just a phone call away should you need any help settling into your new home.

How to find a Personal Property Finder


Why not ask for your own Personal Property Locator ? This NO COST complimentary service is in essence a personal concierge service tailormade for your requirements.

Just email us with your requirements and your telephone number and we will allocate you an experienced member of our team who will work with you to find the right property for you. Your locator will organise your viewing trip , organise accommodation and car hire on your behalf, plan and book all viewings , accompany you on your viewings, and help you with obtaining required legal papers such as your NIE number ( tax number ) opening a bank account and any other matters related to your property purchase in Spain.

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