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It has been reported that the new hospital in Estepona will not only improve local healthcare provision, but will also incorporate a new green zone.

The Town Hall has announced that it will create a green zone measuring 25,000 square meters. The development will include areas that will enable residents and visitors to practice sports activities and provide walking routes.

The new zone will be spread over three levels which have been designed based upon the local geography, with the first level will be the same as the hospital entrance. This will comprise five different access areas and offer a number of concrete walking paths.

The second and third levels will be more grassland and will be populated with local plants and trees. Quite an ambitious element of the design is the introduction of slides to be incorporated to enable people to connect to the different areas easily.

This is a huge bonus for the Estepona area and represents an investment in excess of 500,000 Euros. The completion date is yet to be confirmed, but how exciting to see the development grow and further strengthen the popularity of a thriving area.

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