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Being a Real Estate Agent in Spain (or indeed anywhere) is not just about finding a property based on the brief provided to you by your client. We believe there is more to it than that. At Universal Real Estate we take the time to understand our clients needs, not just on their property requirements, but their emotions and motivation for coming to Spain. We take a personal interest to ensure we do the best we possibly can for our clients.

Peter’s Story

One sunny day in September 2018, Peter walked into our office in Estepona Port to enquire about apartments in the Port area. So we sat down and struck up a conversation to determine exactly what Peter wanted.

We discovered that he wanted to make a move from Fuengirola to Estepona following the passing of his dear wife of over 53 years earlier on in 2018. Peter had a good many friends living in the port area and had heard about the many social support activities happening, such as breakfast clubs and book clubs. He wanted to have more social interaction with people his own age in a new environment.

We knew that this was going to be a wrench for Peter leaving his home in Fuengirola and downsizing many of the possessions had from many years with his wife. There were days when he would call feeling bit unsure and we supported him during these periods, talked about the new memories he would make in his new home. Nina helped him with the documentation that his wife had seen to previously. We took him on errands to make the changes he was facing as easy as possible and went for the odd beer too to talk things over!

We are so happy that Peter is now settled in, several IKEA trips later and his enjoying every minute of his new life in Estepona. Peter often calls into our office for a coffee and a catch up when he is passing by, so we know that he has settled. We are so proud of ourselves for the personal service and support we were able to provide him with. It really is more than selling houses!

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